About Us

THE CONCORD COMMUNITY FOUNDATION, a division of the Todos Santos Business Association Arts Foundation a 501(c)(3), and the Non-Profit Partner for the City of Concord, was exclusively organized on March 17, 2020 for the charitable purposes of providing community relief during the covid19 pandemic. Many community members have reached out to share what they have in order to help their neighbors. 


We are a non-profit solely focused on the betterment of the Concord Community. 

During the current crisis, we face challenging times and throughout Concord, the nation, and round the world, it is more important than ever for the City to provide critically-needed services to the most vulnerable in our communities. Through these programs, together we can make lasting change for this generation and generations to come. 

We directly benefit Concord.

When you give to the Concord Community Foundation, your funds stay local in the communities you care about. The Concord essential services programs for food and shelter will need additional support as the shelter-in-place order is likely extended. You can help today by contributing here to keep the most vulnerable Concord citizens safe.